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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow Day of the Season

Well it is that time of the year... we woke up to 5" of snow with the snow still falling, the roads untreated, the MOMS Holiday party canceled, and no school.

We got a very late start to the day when both kids slept in! Woo-hoo! I didn't get up until 7:45 and the Dandelion wasn't up then either. After it became apparent that we weren't going anywhere, I set the kids up with "Prep & Landing" which I DVRed last night while I gathered snow clothes. Since I hadn't gotten the Dandelion a new pair of snowpants yet, I pulled out the ones he wore last year. They were also the ones he wore the year before that - size 6-9 months. Oops. He did fit in them though - they were just about 1 inch too short so I image he would have been tripping over a 2T. Poor kid needs boots too, as I stuck him in rain boots, so I will have to make a point of getting them once the streets are cleared.

Once we were all dressed, we ventured out. The Dandelion was still pretty unsure about the whole process, he trekked out after his big sis but wasn't about to lay down in the snow & make a snow angel! He lasted about 10 minutes before going inside. The Tumbleweed stayed out longer & made a cute snowman - who melted by lunchtime:( I attempted to shovel, but managed only a few strips before it was time to go in.

While we all warmed up, I put in The Muppets Take Manhattan. It is one of my favorite snow day movies. The kids did lose interest a few times, but for the most part enjoyed watching "Miss Pig" and "Hermit". My favorite part was when the Tumbleweed was listening to Fozzie Bear singing and said "Hey Mommy! He sounds like Bert!", which was followed a little while later by "Her-, I mean, Kermit sounds like Ernie. Are Ernie & Bert in this movie?"

After lunch was calmer, with the Dandelion napping, the Tumbleweed doing a Christmas puzzle and playing some Leapster games. I got out and shoveled part of the driveway and refilled the windshield washer fluid in my car. And just like that naptime was over and dinnertime was upon us. Somewhere in there the Tumbleweed was upset with her brother and made a sign for her bedroom door - "DO NOT ENTAR". Of course while I was in the middle of cooking dinner he entered her room, prompting a squabble... "Didn't you read my sign?!? You can't come in." Poor little guy was so puzzled.

Sometimes it amazes me how slow a morning at home seems to go, but in the end how fast the day passes. I hope the roads are clear tomorrow and life gets back to normal. Life is crazy enough at this time of the year!

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