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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pop Quiz

Life with a 4 year old is a constant stream of questions. What used to be "why?" after "why?" has become much more complicated. And she expects real answers. On the spot. Do I look like an encyclopedia?

Here are some of the latest...

"Who is in charge of the whole world?"
"What animals eat octopuses?"
"Why can't you rewind the radio?"
"Why do babies have more bones than grown ups?"

I do my best to try to answer her, or ask her what she thinks the answers are. Sometimes we have to discuss it later, after I have time to find out an answer or a book that we can read on the topic. I love her curiosity and hope she never loses her inquisitive nature, but I could use a little warning to study the topic I am being quizzed on!

Here is a recent news story on "Why Kids Ask Why"

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Michele said...

Hehe - squid and humans eat octopus. I just saw octopus salad at Stop and Shop today. Funny timing!