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Monday, December 7, 2009


I have a lot of ornaments.

I think it all started when my childhood babysitter (we spent days at her house when not in school) used have us play "I Spy" while standing around her Christmas Tree. She had all kinds of cool ornaments from the popsicle stick ornaments her kids made when they were little to fancy ornaments purchased on vacation. My mom also enjoyed the tradition of decorating the tree, and we enjoyed helping her and talking about the history of the ornaments.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up a love for Christmas ornaments. I have some to remember places I have visited, I have some ornaments that were mine as a child, I have lots of ornaments from the time that I worked at Hallmark and I have ornaments that I have gotten for the kids. I enjoy getting them out each year because they bring back a lot of great memories. These days I do this by myself after the kids go to bed, but I imagine soon I will have two little helpers.

This year I decided that the kids were almost ready for the "I Spy" game, so I made a small modification. I took the above picture of some of their ornaments before putting them on the tree, then I printed it out and had the kids find them on the tree. They have both enjoyed this. I only wish I had taken pictures of several different groups of ornaments for multiple different rounds of the game. Looks like we will be playing "I Spy" after all!

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