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Monday, December 21, 2009

"Ups an Eyes Down"

I thought it was about time to record a few more toddler-isms as the Dandelion approaches the two-and-a-half mark. Since he is getting better with words, and talking in longer sentences, it is getting easier to understand him - and harder to find silly words & phrases. Here are a couple of my favorites...

"Ups an eyes down" - Upside down
"Buzz My-Ear" - Buzz Lightyear
"My-ting MaQueen" - Lightning McQueen
"Mr. You-part" - Mr. Lopeheart (from Handy Manny)
"Gamage" - Garage
"Come-ratee" - Karate

His version of the alphabet... "ABCD ESG HIJK ElmoP QRF TUV WXY an Z"

He really likes to pretend to be a robot and walks around saying "I am a wobot. I am a wobot." (from Max & Ruby)

He also like to quote Swiper the Fox: [taking something and running away] "You'll never find it now! Ha Ha Ha!" I know, not the best role model to copy, but it sure is cute when he does it. It is SO HARD not to laugh!

Also, I am enjoying watching him take in the Christmas traditions this year. He did better with Santa this year, but seemed a little unimpressed (perhaps not understanding the massive undertaking of delivering presents to so many children in one night). He frequently asks if Santa is coming today and gives a little pouty lip when the answer is no. And we have had a little confusion after I let him wrap his present for the Tumbleweed. He thinks it is his and asks every day if it is time to open it. So far he hasn't tried to unwrap it (which might be impossible with the amount of tape he used) but he has been seen pushing it around in the stroller. But overall he seems glad Christmas is coming! Can't wait to see what he thinks on Christmas morning :)

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