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Monday, April 30, 2012

Girl Scouts: April Update

April 3: WOW! Journey Meeting - Water Olympics and Watershed Model

Today we had fun with water by balancing paperclips on top of a cup of water and seeing how many paperclips would fit in a full cup of water.

Balancing on top:

Adding paperclips to the cup. About halfway there...

Final total of paperclips that fit in the full cup... 164!

After we cleaned up the paperclips, we made an example of how pollution gets into the town water. Each girl got to put some food coloring representing a pollutant in a familiar place and then it "rained" and washed all of the pollutants into the rivers and lakes.

April 10: First Aid

We had a guest speaker from the local EMS come to our meeting to talk to the girls. The girls learned about what an EMT does to help people in an emergency (Philanthropy badge) and then about some basic First Aid and ways to be prepared and stay safe. The girls made their own backpack First Aid Kits and we wrote letters to our penpal troop.

April 17: WOW! Journey Meeting - Project Planning

A small meeting, but the girls decided that their Take Action Project would be a Public Service Announcement for the local channel about ways to save water. The girls continued to decorate their water map with their Water Drop promises.

April 19: Pet Adoption Awareness Day

One of the Junior Girl Scout troops in town held a Pet Adoption Day for the younger scouts during school vacation week, and the Tumbleweed was more than thrilled to attend since she desperately wants a pet!

April 24: Flower Frenzy!

Our opening activity was a windsock made from streamers and cardstock, where each streamer contains one line of the Girl Scout Law.

The main activities from today were for the Council's Own "Flower Frenzy" Try-it from Pennsylvania. The girls learned about the parts of a flower and their state flowers before getting to our craft - dying bandannas with flowers. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing an activity with hammers!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Communion

The Tumbleweed celebrated her First Communion today. She was very excited to wear her new dress and have our family come visit. At mass she lead the other First Communion students into the church and sat at the end of our row.
She had volunteered to do a reading and was assigned the First Reading. She did a great job reading at the podium and read her passage with expression and enthusiasm. She received lots of complements.
She had also volunteered to sing with several other little girls. When we arrived, the music director asked her to stand near the microphone because he knew she knew the words and would sing. She definitely wasn't shy on stage.
Finally it was time to go to Communion. She was nervous because she had to go first, but decided afterward that it wasn't so bad after all, but she still doesn't like the taste.