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I wish I could devote more time to blogging these days, but the best I can do is to post when I can.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight!

My mom always said this cheer -- I don't know where it came from, but I have decided the Dandilion must have heard it because it accuately describes our process of getting him in his car seat.

Mommy carries him to car and sets him in the seat. He locks his legs with all his might ("Stand Up"). Mommy does every thing she can get him seated, repeated effort often necessary ("Sit down"). He thrashes and flails to the best of his ability while Mommy tries to get his arms through the straps and buckled, repeated efforts always necessary ("Fight, Fight, Fight").

Mommy always wins this battle, although he lets me hear about it.

Linny is a girl?

For those of you who know who the Wonder Pets are... I did not know until today that the guinea pig named "Linny" is a girl. Until a few weeks ago I thought they were saying "Lenny". Go figure - I guess it is nice that they have a girl as the leader. And I do like the motto "What's gonna work? Teamwork!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stunt Baby

If there is a stage I have dreaded the most as the Dandilion gets older it is the "I can move, but I have no common sense yet" stage. Pulling up on unstable things, standing up under tables, slipping in socks are all in our future. But one of the most dreaded things happened today - he fell down the stairs.

We have a gate at the top of our stairs, but this morning I discovered a screw pulled out of the wall. So now it is useless, and he knew it. No sooner did I set him down at the refrigerator to help the Tumbleweed in the bathroom, he slipped from the Eagle's sight and headed straight for the stairs. Fortunately we only have 6 steps and they are carpeted. He tumbled down all of them and fortunately didn't hit his head on the tile at the bottom thanks to the boot tray.

He was a bit stunned, but recovered faster than Mommy and Daddy. Now to figure out how to keep him away from the stairs all week until the Eagle is back to fix the gate. What a pain.

The Big Purge

The Eagle and I are getting closer to our garage sale deadline, so this weekend was all about finding things to sell (or toss) and taking them out to the garage. Man we have a lot of crap. It will nice to reclaim all of the space these things have been taking up. I look forward to losing the dead weight. Hopefully we will make a little money off of it, but if not it is all "outta here" on a charity truck. Hooray!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Space Cadet

I think the lack of sleep is catching up to me... I keep forgetting deadlines. Normally I am really good at remembering my schedule. Sure, I write things down, but I can usually remember without looking. Last night the Eagle asked if I had placed the ad for the garage sale next weekend, and it hadn't even crossed my mind. It isn't too late, but I had really hoped to be more on top of it, and I hated having to be reminded. The upside is, I got to list more things that we have decided to sell in the ad.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Words

It is so fascinating to hear the Tumbleweed use a new word, especially when you don't expect it. Today while I was at my computer and she was coloring on the floor behind me, she said "Mommy, I'm coloring the for you and it is going to be 'pectacular'!" It was so cute... she still drops her 's'... I'll miss it when she doesn't do that anymore.

The Great Outdoors?

We had a week of wonderful weather and spent lots of time outside - sounds good, right? Wrong - my sinuses are killing me and I am totally beat. Don't get me wrong, I am glad we went and did everything, but I definitely wish I didn't have allergies. I need a box of tissues and a long nap!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cupcakes & Initiating Sleep

The Dandilion is 10 months old today! And, after watching SuperNanny last night I have decided that it is time he learn how to sleep through the night (again)--- because not teaching him is going to kill me. Last night I did some more research and tonight I started my plan. 1- From now on he is not eating until he falls asleep at bedtime. 2- We are going to have a bedtime routine for him, with his own story. 3- If he cries, he cries, but he doesn't get up or move into our bed.

So far so good - after only a couple of time intervals he fell asleep. We'll see how it goes from here...

Big Wheels, Small Wheels, Wheels Everywhere

Both kids are pretty into things with wheels right now. The Tumbleweed has been getting to spend time outside riding her tricycle, as well as a scooter given to her by a friend. She is doing quite well at both, not needing any assistance for either. I only wish it was easier to spend time outside with the Dandilion, as he gets unhappy rather quickly.

The Dandilion is more into finding all of the wheels on the toys in the house. He likes to flip vehicles over and spin and study the wheels. He uses his index finger to slowly examine them as they turn. After a while it looks like a tornado flipped all of the cars upside-down.

Each of them is in a neat stage.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Her first mile

The Tumbleweed went out running with Daddy this afternoon. They did all of their stretches and headed off down the street for some bonding time. Less than 15 minutes later they came back... she had run the whole way - a mile! She was so excited to have gone running with Daddy. They came in and got a drink, and she set her drink down and asked to go back out! They went out for a little more, but with some walking this time. We were pretty impressed with her.

She is growing up so fast. I think she really missed the Eagle this past week. She really tried to understand when he was coming back and made plans with him over the phone to do things together.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Sticky Fingers

The Tumbleweed and I learned a lesson today. I learned that I need to pay more attention to her even when she is in the stroller. She learned not to take things from a store without paying.

We were at the mall shopping for the morning. One of our first stops was The Disney Store. Overall, she was quite good in the store, but at the end the Dandilion got fussy. So we hurried along and checked out. He eventually fell asleep and we continued shopping. She was very much looking forward to riding the carousel at the end of the day, and in the last store I told her as soon as we were done paying we would reward her good behavior and she could ride. While we stood in line a small package appeared on the sunshade of her side of the stroller and she asked me to open it. It was a toy from the Disney Store that I definitely had not purchased!

Needless to say she did not ride the carousel. We had a long talk on our way back to the Disney Store. They were quite understanding and (smiling) thanked her for bringing it back. I wasn't smiling. We had another long talk about asking for things before she takes them. Especially in a store. Hope it sinks in.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Race season is here

Today was the first of the Eagle's many races this year - a Duathlon (run, bike, run). He was pleased with the first outing on his new Triathlon bike. The kids and I went to watch and take pictures. Unfortunately trying to manage the kids meant that I missed a lot of the pictures, but I think that it was a little easier having them there than last fall.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ice Cream Treat

I love that we have a local Ice Cream Shop! I still remember the special treat that it was to go out for ice cream after gymnastics in the summer, and I am glad that we can take the kids out for a special treat from time to time. We had a great time today meeting up with friends for ice cream --- Summer is just around the corner!

The Tumbleweed vs. the Pool

Ask the Tumbleweed if she likes swimming and she will tell you "I love swimming. I am so brave." But watch her swimming lesson and you would never guess it! She is protests, screams, cries and does just about anything not to have to jump in, blow bubbles or get her face wet. If you don't ask her to do these things, she swims happily along.

It wasn't always this way... she used to be an awesome daredevil of a jumper. Now there is nothing in the world that I can give her to make her do it. Go figure. The poor teacher. Now that she knows the order of class activities, she strarts crying before they even swim over to the side and get out.

I have tried giving her incentives not to cry, but so far nothing has worked. Maybe next session.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Magic Chair

The Tumbleweed has four green chairs from Ikea at her coloring table. At least they are supposed to be at her table. Lately I have been finding them all over the house.

It isn't really a new skill for her to use a chair to get things, but it has become more prevalant lately. She gets snacks, games that have been put up high on purpose, Easter candy, dresses from her closet, scotch tape (which she pulls off and can't tear), and anything else she wants. And, while the moving chair is cute, the taking without asking is not.

We have had several discussions and timeouts relating to this, but nothing seems to be making much of an impression because I still find her moving the chairs whenever she wants something. Especially, if I have already said no. I am not sure how to make it any more clear that this is wrong.

Maybe I need to take away her chairs.

Walking on Sunshine

The weather has finally improved enough to get out for walking group again. I have to admit I have been a bit lazy about it the last two months, especially when the kids were sick. Now that it has warmed up I am determined to get out there and walk every week and get some exercise.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Why is that we put things off until the last minute? I don't know - but I definitely do it. Once again, I was up until 2 am last night cleaning the house to have people over. Ugh - I wish I planned my time better. Maybe one of these days I will get to read my time management book... lol.

The Big Shred

One of the projects I finally got to this weekend was shredding a bunch of old stuff. The shred pile always seems to be getting bigger and bigger, along with my mail pile. Tonight I went through a bunch of the mail and finally sat down and shredded everything I could get my hands on!

Too bad more junk mail will arrive tomorrow.

Going through the Motions

Sometimes I find myself just getting through the day. I get to the end of the day, and I don't really know where the day went or what I got done. I hate this feeling. I like when I accomplish things, check things off a list, or have a finished project. Lately, I haven't had many productive days. I guess I shouldn't say that... the kids and I got out of the house and went to activities, we had three meals, and made lots of fun messes... but at the end of the day my To Do List isn't any shorter, in fact it is even longer.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Attack Bird

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping & and flying into our house! Well, one bird is. We have a robin that has been flying into the windows of the house for almost a week. I have tried moving everything out of the window, opening the window, putting a picture of a bird in the window... but he keeps coming back. Sometimes he switches windows, but every morning he has been here "thunking" against one of the windows.

At first it was pretty freaky, but now I guess we have gotten used to it. He is our "crazy bird" and he comes to visit every day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Job Blues

I'm not sure how crazy I am about the Eagle's new job. First, he has been around the house a lot the past two weeks. The kids and I have been feeling a bit displaced from time to time. Second, he is going to be away all of next week, part of the week after, and the two weeks after that. It is a lot of travel all at once. I don't know if I can handle a whole week without relief. I guess I will find out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not an Infant Anymore

The Dandilion has gradated from his infant car seat to the rear-facing convertible seat. And, while it is nice to not have to lug him around in that heavy seat, now I have to carry him with no way to put him down. We have a whole new world of challenges ahead of us... what to do when the Tumbleweed uses the potty, does the Tumbleweed get to walk at the grocery store, how do I keep the Dandilion contained during activities?

I have decided that milestones don't make life easier... crawling means more baby-proofing, potty-training means finding every gross public potty, etc. Okay, I guess I could look at it differently... crawling means less dependance on Mommy, Potty-training means using less diapers. So the glass is half empty, and half full.

Back in the Swing of Things

It looks like we are finally back to a normal week - our last one before the Eagle starts to travel. The kids are healthy again so we can do all of our usual activities, finally. The Tumbleweed is doing a little better sleeping, as long as we wake her up about an hour after she goes to sleep. The Dandilion is still not sleeping through the night, but at least I know what to expect.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Photo Op

I was surprised to have a photographer from the Bay State Parent come photograph our MOMS Club at our Monthly Social today. I was aware it was a possibility, but it was neat that it actually happened. I think so many moms can benefit from being a part of a support group for moms, I am glad they are doing an article about it.

It was a bit of added stress as I was planning and running the meeting this month. Of course I wanted to seem organized, so I put in a bit more time the night before to make sure I was prepared that morning. I probably should have spent more time on what I was going to wear, since the organization of a meeting can't show up in a picture. Oh well, I have never been the fashionable one.

I did enjoy sharing some stamping projects with everyone, even if they couldn't all sit down and do the projects.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Cleaning

The Eagle and I finally got down to business and planned our spring projects. We have decided that the first weekend in May will be our garage sale weekend, so we have about a month to get ready. Additionally, we are going to finally get the roof & gutters done this spring. And our final target is to completely clean out the basement and renovate. We'll see how far we get... I'd love to have a remodeled basement before winter!

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Job

The Eagle started his new job this week. It all kind of happened in a hurry, but he is making the switch from Marketing to Sales. Pretty soon he won't have a desk to go to in the morning... he will making sales calls all around Boston.

I am not sure what I think about the job yet. It might mean we see him more. It might mean he'll make more money. I might mean he'll make less money. I might mean less a consistent schedule. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stroller Fitness

This morning I had arranged for a special MOMS Club event - we had a StrollerFit demo at the local park. It was a very chilly morning, with some strong wind, but we braved the weather and did it anyway. The kids were a bit fussy, the Dandilion because he is always that way and the Tumbleweed becuase she could see the playground but not play on it (I made her sit in the storller)

Initially I wasn't sure how it would go over, but I think the people who came were glad they did. I wish I had the time in my schedule for the classes, but I did get some additional exercises to try during walking group. I am already starting to feel it, so I can only imagine what I will feel like in the morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Pictures

The Dandilion and I finally made it to the movies this morning. We saw "21." It was pretty neat to see our old apartment (Peabody Terrace) in the opening scene along the Charles River. It was like a whole bunch of flashbacks to my "past life" -- I want to see it again :) The movie was good too, but I always like a good dose of nostalgia so I think the opening credits was my favorite part.

Night Terrors

As if I needed another reason to stay up all night. The Tumbleweed seems to have developed Night Terrors. The last few nights I have been up 2, 3 or 4 times with her screaming, hitting & crying during the night... which wakes up the Dandilion... which means Mommy is up ALL night.

I have no idea what to make of the latest of our sleep problems. Do I wake her? How do I keep the Dandilion from hearing? When will it stop? Why did it start?

After some internet research, we have decided that the easiest thing to try is waking her up to go to the bathroom prior to it happening each night. Supposedly, kids tend to have night terrors when their minds say "wake up" but their bodies can't figure out how. Hope it works. I don't think I can take this little sleep for too long.