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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stunt Baby

If there is a stage I have dreaded the most as the Dandilion gets older it is the "I can move, but I have no common sense yet" stage. Pulling up on unstable things, standing up under tables, slipping in socks are all in our future. But one of the most dreaded things happened today - he fell down the stairs.

We have a gate at the top of our stairs, but this morning I discovered a screw pulled out of the wall. So now it is useless, and he knew it. No sooner did I set him down at the refrigerator to help the Tumbleweed in the bathroom, he slipped from the Eagle's sight and headed straight for the stairs. Fortunately we only have 6 steps and they are carpeted. He tumbled down all of them and fortunately didn't hit his head on the tile at the bottom thanks to the boot tray.

He was a bit stunned, but recovered faster than Mommy and Daddy. Now to figure out how to keep him away from the stairs all week until the Eagle is back to fix the gate. What a pain.

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