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Monday, June 6, 2011


The Tumbleweed has loved her first year of Girl Scouts. It was no surprise to me that she was excited to earn patches, and that has not changed though the year. With or without patches, she has really enjoyed the things she has gotten to do and learn.

Sundown Safari @ Southwick's Zoo: This was a a neat program where we got to walk around the zoo with one of the owners, who personally introduced us to the animals and interjected great little stories and interesting information. Among other things, the Tumbleweed got to pet a baby kangaroo and visit the inside of the new giraffe habitat to pet the young giraffe (a place where zoo visitors will not be permitted to go). She asked several great questions and has even been caught using the information she learned at other times since the program, which I love to see!

Memorial Day Parade: Despite getting rained on, the Tumbleweed was absolutely thrilled to put on her uniform and march through town in the Memorial Day parade. She proudly helped carry the banner with the girls from her troop and smiled the whole way.

Daisies by the Sea @ Duxbury Beach: On a weekend while we were down visiting relatives on the south shore, we had the opportunity to go to an event put on by a neighboring Girl Scout council. At the beach, the girls were shown some examples of what to look for after low tide and given buckets to go hunting for crabs, clams, periwinkles and hermit crabs. We found some great living things, which we left on the beach, and some pretty shells & rocks to take home. The Tumbleweed soaked up so much information from the program leader and eagerly conveyed it back to the rest of the family when we got home.

The year is wrapping up and she will be bridging to Brownie Girl Scouts soon --- and guess who is going to be her troop leader?