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Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye Training Wheels!

Last weekend, while I sat waiting for the Tumbleweed's dance class to finish, I received a phone call. On the other end was the Dandelion with something exciting to tell me, "Mommy, I rode my bike with no training wheels!"

Sure enough, Mike had taken him over to the park so he could ride his bike on the paved track. After a few laps, he decided the Dandelion was ready and took off his training wheels and petals. Apparently he was a quick study because only a short time later he got his petals back and was riding around the track.

And after a week of rain, I finally got to see him in action...

He was one proud little boy!

Meanwhile, the Tumbleweed was also riding laps around the track learning to use the hand breaks and change gears on her new bike.

They both look so grown up compared to last year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movie Merchandising in the Grocery Store

If you have met my son, by now you know that he likes the movie Cars and anything to do with it. And if you have seen us recently, whether you know us or not, you also know that the new Cars 2 movie happens to be opening on his 4th birthday, June 24th. In 38 days, to be exact.

And since Cars 2 is the latest Disney-Pixar movie, we are now under attack. Disney has got to be #1 in getting their name/characters on "stuff" and Cars 2 is no exception. In fact, I think it is worse than Toy Story 3 last year at this time. Here are the latest grocery items they have taken over...

Fruit snacks are almost always available. Cheez-Its and Mac & Cheese I had expected after they were themed with Toy Story last spring. Go-Gurt and pretzels (in a nut-free brand) were a nice surprise. But Cars 2 Cereal and 9 different flavors of Juicy Juice, each with different characters on the box?!?! I even saw an ad for chicken nuggets shaped like Cars!

What will they think of next? Well, I hope it will be "Mater's Tomaters" (grape tomatoes), "McQueen's Lightning Bolts" (carrots cut like lightning bolts), or "Fillmore's Organic Fruit & Veggie Fuel" (any number of different ways you could go with that). It seems like a shame to put all of the money into "junk food" when they could actually help us parents out by putting kids favorite characters on the foods/packaging that we are begging them to eat! Come on Disney, give us a hand!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kids Tri Too

The Tumbleweed kicked off the triathlon season with a splash. She had been working hard in her swimming lessons to do the two lengths without assistance (bubbles/noodles). Early on we figured out that her best stroke was probably backstroke. This is pretty ironic because swimming on her back used to be a huge battle.

At the race she did exactly what she had planned - backstroke, no noodle! From there she was off to transition, where unlike last year she did not need any help. She mounted her bike and off she went!

She finished strong with the Dandelion running much of the way along side her (he so badly wanted to be in the race!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Long Jumper

The Dandelion is taking an All Sports class at the YMCA this spring. They started off the first week with a track & field theme. Week 1 was running and hurdles, and this week, Week 2, is jumping and throwing. Of course the running week was a big hit with the Dandelion, but I could not have predicted how much he took to the long jump!

When the teacher explained how the kids were to run up and jump onto the mats, the 3 & 4 year olds sat along the wall and waited for a turn. The first couple of pairs of kids took their turns, but didn't really jump and just ran across the mats. With no one before him actually jumping, I think the teacher was a bit concerned that her long jump idea was going to be a flop. But have no fear, the Dandelion got up for his turn and, when she said go, he did exactly what they were supposed to do. He ran about 8-10 steps, took off from one foot before the mat, flew about 3.5 or 4 feet (to the 3rd color panel) and landed feet first before flopping forwards, just like they do in the Olympics. You would think he'd actually seen it or done it before!

Since I didn't have my camera ready during the original attempts, we took a few pictures after class.

in the air

feet down

forward momentum

Gonna Find A Rainbow

I have decided we need a theme song for Monday mornings at our house. I have selected The Brady Bunch singing "Gonna Find a Rainbow", because each and every Monday morning the Tumbleweed has to find clothes to wear that have every color of the rainbow on them. Thankfully we have numerous different ones to choose from.

Why, you ask? Because Monday is Art Day.

Not enough of a reason?

No, they aren't required to wear multi-colored outfits for inspiration or to disguise spills. The Tumbleweed wants to wear every color because the teacher calls colors to decide the order the kids get to pick their seats and she wants to be first.

It's competitive seating, and she wants to win each and every week so bring on the colors!