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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gonna Find A Rainbow

I have decided we need a theme song for Monday mornings at our house. I have selected The Brady Bunch singing "Gonna Find a Rainbow", because each and every Monday morning the Tumbleweed has to find clothes to wear that have every color of the rainbow on them. Thankfully we have numerous different ones to choose from.

Why, you ask? Because Monday is Art Day.

Not enough of a reason?

No, they aren't required to wear multi-colored outfits for inspiration or to disguise spills. The Tumbleweed wants to wear every color because the teacher calls colors to decide the order the kids get to pick their seats and she wants to be first.

It's competitive seating, and she wants to win each and every week so bring on the colors!

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AmyR0618 said...

OMG - THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! Such a smart cookie :-)