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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Vacation: End of Week 2

Our first week of "summer activities" took a little longer than I thought because our trip to Grandma & Grandpa's happened before we could finish everything. It was no surprise the way it concluded either. The Tumbleweed had eagerly completed things during the first several days at home and only had a couple things left to do when we left (she was frantically folding laundry until the last minute). When we returned from our trip she quickly finished the last requirements and earned her prize:

With so much excitement about the new Hexapillar, the Dandelion wanted his too. Unfortunately, he still had 3 activities left to do. After a couple tantrums he finally settled down and got to work on his "schoolwork".

It didn't take long before he completed everything and had his Hexapillar.

So as I prepare for next week here is what I have learned.

1- I will probably not come up with a prize better than this week.
2- The Dandelion needs less to do and the Tumbleweed needs more.
3- Having scheduled chore days written on paper helps.