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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation: Beginning of Week 1

This week is starting with a bang --- with a loud thunderstorm rolling through.

We are kicking off our first week of Summer Vacation with a To Do list to try to keep everyone from saying "I'm bored".

I gave the kids a run down of everything on the list after breakfast this morning and showed them the pile of supplies I collected for them. I also explained the punch cards and how they were going to earn punches.

Since it was about to storm, it was the perfect time to pick something to do off the list. Both kids chose coloring.

I still can't tell how many things should be on the weekly list and if I have too much or too little, so there may be some adjustments over the summer. We will see how this week goes...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girl Scouts: June Update

With the school year coming to a close, Girl Scouts is also wrapping up. Today we had our final meeting, which was primarily a badge ceremony.

I had prepared a cute badge presentation for each of the girls with the badges that they had earned since March. Here are the Tumbleweed's badges. She earned a combination of "Old" Try-its, "New" Badges, and Council's Own Badges from across the country.

Someone else was using the Library Meeting Room, so we held our ceremony upstairs in the library. While the seating wasn't perfect, the mantle was a nice place to display the badges and the quilt the girls worked on earlier this year.

The girls did their Girl Scout Promise and sang "Make New Friends" before we honored each girl and their accomplishments for the year. The Tumbleweed has been busy working on badges whenever possible and had quite a few badges to show for it.

It was a great first year of Brownies. Definitely a learning process for me as a leader, but I think, after a summer vacation, I will be ready to tackle Year 2.

Back-words: deja vu

Perhaps you will remember the Tumbleweed's backwards phase where she wrote her name in a mirror image. I don't exactly remember exactly how we got her past it, but I wish I did because look what the Dandelion just started doing...

Just about the same age, too. The Tumbleweed was a few months shy of her 5th birthday and the Dandelion will be 5 at the end of this month. Weird!

I don't really know if this means anything, but I am sort of hoping the Dandelion will pass through this phase over the summer and be back to writing his letters forwards (which he does know how to do) before the first day of Kindergarten.