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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pass It On

As in most families, the second kid in our house is bound to get some hand-me-downs. Track pants, soccer cleats, books, toys, t-shirts - the usual. Of course, since we have a girl and a boy, some things don't make sense to pass on, like princess nightgowns, pony tail holders and pink pants.

For a moment this afternoon, the kids were in a sharing mood. I was enjoying the sound of them playing together nicely, so I took a few minutes to get something done.

A short while later, the Dandelion came in to see me. Holding up what was in his hands, he said, "Look, [the Tumbleweed] gave me her underwear that doesn't fit anymore. They are for 4 year olds!" [noting the size 4 on one of them]

Chuckling, I told him that they were "girl" underwear and pointing out that they are different from his Cars "boy" underwear.

"Yeah, but I don't mind. She said I could have them." he said, and ran to his room with them. He had to put away these special things that his sister had actually given him. I could tell that it was the fact that she gave him something of hers that was so important to him.

So far, he has not actually put on a pair of princess underwear. He's probably saving them to wear to school - LOL :)