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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Tumbleweed vs. the Pool

Ask the Tumbleweed if she likes swimming and she will tell you "I love swimming. I am so brave." But watch her swimming lesson and you would never guess it! She is protests, screams, cries and does just about anything not to have to jump in, blow bubbles or get her face wet. If you don't ask her to do these things, she swims happily along.

It wasn't always this way... she used to be an awesome daredevil of a jumper. Now there is nothing in the world that I can give her to make her do it. Go figure. The poor teacher. Now that she knows the order of class activities, she strarts crying before they even swim over to the side and get out.

I have tried giving her incentives not to cry, but so far nothing has worked. Maybe next session.

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