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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Magic Chair

The Tumbleweed has four green chairs from Ikea at her coloring table. At least they are supposed to be at her table. Lately I have been finding them all over the house.

It isn't really a new skill for her to use a chair to get things, but it has become more prevalant lately. She gets snacks, games that have been put up high on purpose, Easter candy, dresses from her closet, scotch tape (which she pulls off and can't tear), and anything else she wants. And, while the moving chair is cute, the taking without asking is not.

We have had several discussions and timeouts relating to this, but nothing seems to be making much of an impression because I still find her moving the chairs whenever she wants something. Especially, if I have already said no. I am not sure how to make it any more clear that this is wrong.

Maybe I need to take away her chairs.

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