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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not an Infant Anymore

The Dandilion has gradated from his infant car seat to the rear-facing convertible seat. And, while it is nice to not have to lug him around in that heavy seat, now I have to carry him with no way to put him down. We have a whole new world of challenges ahead of us... what to do when the Tumbleweed uses the potty, does the Tumbleweed get to walk at the grocery store, how do I keep the Dandilion contained during activities?

I have decided that milestones don't make life easier... crawling means more baby-proofing, potty-training means finding every gross public potty, etc. Okay, I guess I could look at it differently... crawling means less dependance on Mommy, Potty-training means using less diapers. So the glass is half empty, and half full.

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