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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Photo Op

I was surprised to have a photographer from the Bay State Parent come photograph our MOMS Club at our Monthly Social today. I was aware it was a possibility, but it was neat that it actually happened. I think so many moms can benefit from being a part of a support group for moms, I am glad they are doing an article about it.

It was a bit of added stress as I was planning and running the meeting this month. Of course I wanted to seem organized, so I put in a bit more time the night before to make sure I was prepared that morning. I probably should have spent more time on what I was going to wear, since the organization of a meeting can't show up in a picture. Oh well, I have never been the fashionable one.

I did enjoy sharing some stamping projects with everyone, even if they couldn't all sit down and do the projects.

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