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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Mommy: "Tell your brother about the Elf on the Shelf"
Tumbleweed: "Well, she makes sure you don't get rocks"

Since the threat of "Santa's watching" is seeming less effective with the Tumbleweed this year, I decided to call in reinforcements and brought home "Elf on the Shelf". So, last night we read the story and welcomed "Elfie" into our family. She is one of Santa's helper elves who visits our house before Christmas and each night "goes to the North Pole to tell Santa about the good & bad things the kids have done that day".

I can't say if it is working yet, but the Tumbleweed enjoyed going to the website to name our family elf and check out the interactive North Pole complete with Santa's Workshop and Reindeer Barn.

Now if I could just get the kids to start behaving so "Santa" doesn't have to go find a place to buy "rocks"!

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