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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"A mice and a light pink gumdrop"

Today was the Tumbleweed's first performance in The Nutcracker for her dance studio. If you asked her what she was going to be in the show, she would say "A mice and a light pink gumdrop". Well, after a couple weeks we sorted the "mice" vs. "mouse" part out, but there was almost a disaster during the dress rehearsal when the girls helping with the changing gave light pink to another girl and tried to put the dark green on her. But that was sorted out and it was on with the show. She did a great job up on stage. We were do proud :)

Note: I was forced to take pictures without a flash during the show so I took a bunch during the dress rehearsal, however the ones from 13 rows back during the actual show turned out better than the ones from the front row of dress rehearsal which all had horrible red-eye. Go figure.

Our Little Mouse


With her present - taken by a photo fairy with a great camera :)

The mice cry over the mouse king

Our Light Pink Gumdrop

A sweet dance for Clara (another photo from the photo fairy)

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