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Friday, December 4, 2009

Food Visions

When the tabloids have a slow news day (when there was such a thing, before the days of Jon & Kate and Tiger) they report on people who see images of Elvis in a pancake or a potato that looks like Nixon. Someday I think that eccentric person who sees shapes in their food will be the Dandelion.

Lately it seems like he is always eating his food into shapes. It started back in the summer when he ate a piece of toast into the shape of a car, held it up and said "A keen" (McQueen). Since then he has eaten pizza into "slides", pepperoni into "moons" and today, a pop tart into a "waterfall" (which the Tumbleweed proclaimed looked "just like Honeoye Falls!")

I struggle with what to make of this "talent"... is it "playing with food" or "artistic expression"?

Headline: Child Eats Toast into Shape of his Favorite Movie Star

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