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Monday, December 28, 2009


Sometimes the Tumbleweed just puzzles me. From trying to stump with goofy questions to reverting to 2-year-old behavior for attention, she is determined to keep us on our parenting toes. The latest development is her affinity for writing her name backwards...

I can't say whether this is something she is doing for fun or to get attention or because she is bored, but it is almost a struggle to get her to write her name forwards these days. I hope she out grows it soon or I am going to be getting notes home from the teacher!

Aside from the backwards name, she seems to be coming right along in the reading program at school and continues to bring books home to show us what she can do. She is still a little reluctant to try new books, but once she realizes that she knows most of the words on the first page she does a great job. I think that is because she is adjusting from memorizing books to actually reading them.

She is still very into going to the library to choose new books, although she still needs to work on her method of choosing. Currently she goes to one shelf and picks out the first 5 or 6 she can get her hands on. Unfortunately this does not always lead to taking home books that she enjoys or that she is ready to read. Now that I have her system figured out, I slip a few more appropriate ones in while she isn't looking :)

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