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Friday, December 25, 2009

"He came!"

Christmas morning, the kids were excited to get up and see if Santa had come, but cooperated and came to wake us up before going into the living room...

Some of the Tumbleweed's favorite Santa gifts:

Pop N Style Cabbage Patch
Leapster Games
Mosaic Crown Set
Zhu Zhu Pet Hampster

Some of the Dandelion's favorite Santa gifts:

Mack Car Carrier
Buzz & Woody
Gordon & Henry
Motor Works Train
"My Lobster" [Zhu Zhu pet hampster]
*(if the Zhu Zhu Lobster is the hottest toy in 2010, he thought of it first!)

After the initial Santa excitement, we exchanged gifts with each other. The kids got things started by swapping their gifts. They could hardly wait - they were certainly the gifts that they had been eying the most leading up to Christmas. The Tumbleweed had spent a lot of time choosing the right Mega Block "Cars" for the Dandelion, and I helped the Dandelion pick out a pink Webkinz Lizard for the Tumbleweed.

The Tumbleweed was also very excited to give us a special project from school which she had brought home while we were away and had hidden under the couch. She also gave the Eagle a new Rubik's cube, which she got from the Box Tops prize box at school, to replace the one that she mixed up and couldn't put back.

The Eagle saved the best for last --- surprising me with a new camera! [nope, no picture of that...LOL]

It was a great morning... and then we were off to Nana & Papa's...

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