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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Recap

OK - So how did the snow day actually play out...

During the early - mid morning the kids did some playing, crafting, chasing, snacks, etc. in the family room while I scrapbooked at the kitchen table. I know, all that scrapbooking space in the family room and I decide to spread into another room! But actually it worked well because the Dandilion didn't try to climb into my lap or reach up to the table and pull the scissors off, yet I could still see what they were doing & they could see me.

Around 11, the Dandilion went down for a nap, and the Tumbleweed made herself a PB & J sandwich for lunch (one of her favorite things to do right now). She got to watch the new Olivia TV show for the first time, and I did some more scrapbooking (I was on a really good roll!)

After lunch, I decided it would be a good time to head outside, so I had the Tumbleweed head down to get her gear on, but she fell on the stairs & bumped her elbow. I didn't see the fall, so there was a while that I was worrying that I might be heading to the ER... but after about 1 hour she was back to normal.

Finally we headed outside - with a small window since the Dandilion would probably wake up soon. By this time we were getting little sleet pellets, which soon turned to freezing rain. The Tumbleweed enjoyed making tracks all over the driveway, making snow chairs in the mounds of snow, and climbing the tall piles of shoveled snow beside the driveway. We were out for about 30 minutes I think - just enough time for me to shovel half the driveway so the Eagle could pull in.

Things got a bit crazy for about a half hour when the Eagle came home, the Dandilion woke up, and the Tumbleweed hit a tearful spell (probably a result of the no-napping, as it was her old naptime). Finally we got things calmed down with a snack & a little TV while I re-grouped.

Next the Dandilion got his chance to try play-doh, which I think he was a bit unimpressed with. I showed him how to make logs (not interested), balls (he threw across the table because ball are for throwing...) and pancakes (he hit the table more than the play-doh). His favorite part was throwing it on the floor & having the Tumbleweed pick it up so he could do it again (Mommy & Daddy wouldn't have played this game nearly as long).

Earlier I had promised the Tumbleweed that we could make cupcakes, so I pulled out a box of cake mix only to discover that we didn't have enough eggs to make it. Seeing a fit in the future, I checked my trusty old Better Homes & Gardens Junior Cookbook for a cake recipe and sure enough, we had the right ingredients to make a (smaller) cake from scratch... so we made cupcakes.

Finally, it was time for dinner - which I did not do in the crock pot as planned. I decided it would be easier to throw together chicken cacciatore... and I didn't really make a dinner plan early enough to "slow cook" it anyway... maybe I will cook slowly tomorrow... hehe..

Anyway, from there it was just a normal night - dinner (with special snow day cupcakes afterward), baths, stories, bed, and finally me time... I am coming along quite nicely on a mini-book project for "book club". It is mostly done now & the glitter is drying :)

Overall, not a bad snow day...

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