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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Nap Returns

Since she is nearly 4, and possibly embarking on school in the afternoon this fall, we decided that it was time to eliminate the Tumbleweed's naps. We thought that after a couple of weeks of not taking afternoon naps she would have started sleeping longer at night, but that has not happened. Instead she is continuing to sleep the same amount at night - which means she is getting about 3 hours less sleep every day. This has lead to some unpleasant afternoons.

After four weeks of dealing with the wild mood swings of a child who hasn't slept enough, the Tumbleweed has napped for the last two afternoons. We are not planning to make it permanent, but I think we are going to make a daily decision based on her behavior whether or not there will be naptime on a given day.

I think I like the new plan because I like the quiet time while the kids nap.

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