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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Potty Training Lesson #1

We spent a lot of time sorting and organizing this weekend and in the processes unearthed some things that had been stored. One such item was the Little Potty - which provided a cute little moment.

We were both in the kitchen and the kids had gone down the hall and seemed quiet... too quiet, I had to go investigate. When I peeked into the Dandilion's room I saw the Tumbleweed giving the Dandilion a tour of the little potty..."here is the flusher, here is the toilet paper, and you sit here" It was so cute. The Dandilion was half listening and half exploring how the levers & seats worked. It provided a good half hour of entertainment until the Tumbleweed got mad that the Dandilion wouldn't sit on the potty - he just wanted to step in it. Now he is obsessed with the little potty every time he sees it --- "Pah-tee, pah-teee, pah-teeeeeee"

It will be a while before I actually start potty training him.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of both kids putting their foot in the potty:

The Tumbleweed gets a new potty - July 2006

The Dandilion tries out the potty - January 2009

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