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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disciplinary Trouble

My friend Ali's post reminded me to record some of the discipline challenges we have these days...

1- Counting to Three

Mommy: "Honey if you don't do X I am going to count"
Tumbleweed: "No, I don't want you to Count!"
Mommy: "One"
Tumbleweed: "Don't Count!"(shouting)
Dandilion: "Two"
Tumbleweed: "Only Mommy can count!" (crying/yelling)
Mommy: "Two"
Dandilion: "Three"
The Tumbleweed complies before Mommy says three.

Hard not to laugh at this when it happens but it seems to work for now.

2- Time Out

We started timeouts with the Tumbleweed when she was around 18 months, and she caught on amazingly quickly. Within a few days she new we were serious and sat in time out and said sorry when it was time to get out. Before long she responded to the warning and didn't repeat the action to avoid the time out.

That is not the case today. She has turned into the screaming kid from Super Nanny while in time out, flipping the chair, throwing things and refusing to apologize. Hopefully this is just a "Terrible Threes" phase and will turn around soon because I don't like the nasty attitude that shows up from time to time.

The Dandilion is now 18 months, so I have started to implement timeouts with him too. He does not get it. He has successfully sat in timeout a few times, but definitely doesn't know why because he will get right back up and do the punishable action again. He certainly doesn't respond to the threat of a timeout. Heck, he doesn't listen if we say "no" or "stop" - he's too busy trying to get away with something!

Do they have obedience classes for kids?

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Alison Taber said...

WOW sounds all too familiar. I started timeout wirth Luke around 18 months, but new the chair was NOT going to work. So Timeout happens in the pack n play.