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Friday, January 2, 2009

January Clean Sweep

My annual purge is just getting going. I started with my scrapbook space, since it had gotten out of hand with Christmas projects and when I brought home my Christmas presents there was no where to put them. Besides, why not start with the "fun stuff".

My couple of hours of work has already paid off with some great finds... The pictures of the Tumbleweed on Santa's lap from 2005 (I have searched several times for these and thought they were lost in the move) and a bracelet & necklace my Aunt got the Tumbleweed in Summer 2007 (I wondered where they went!).

Back to my mess --- you have to make a more of a mess to get organized, right? Well, that's how I do it. The house is a disaster right now! I wish I had a "clean up crew" like they do on the orgnaizing TV shows :)

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