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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Whole Hand

Five years ago, right about this time, we were packing a last minute bag and heading to the hospital. At 8:30pm, the Tumbleweed was born 5 weeks before her due date. We should have known then that she would wake up at the crack of dawn every morning and always be surprising her unsuspecting parents by doing things before we're ready.

Some notes to scrapbook...

"At 5, the Tumbleweed loves

... art projects; from painting to beading she is always creating something.
... reading; she is tearing through library books and has just finished reading her first chapter books.
... puzzles & math; she works out puzzles (100+ pieces) and is always surprising people when she adds & subtracts things in her head.
... sports; gymnastics, skiing and soccer are her favorites right now.
... school; and she is very excited about taking the bus in the fall.
... playing Leapster; a good, quiet learning activity, but we have to limit her playing time.
... to eat; lately she has been on a dried fruit kick (specifically apricots & mangoes), but Macaroni & Cheese is her favorite dinner request.
... TV time; her favorite shows are Team UmiZoomi and Super Why? right now.
... helping out; she loves to make people happy and has come home with the "Super Helper" star from school.
... running around; always chasing her brother or running around the playground at school, she seems to have endless energy.
... laughing; she finds funny things everywhere and has an infectious giggle.

She continues to grow and amaze us. Happy Birthday Kiddo!"

Birthday History: 3rd Birthday & 4th Birthday

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