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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feed the Birds

Since we have been talking so much about the birds, Grandpa decided to bring a project for the kids when they came to visit. Over three days, they worked on making bird feeders. Grandpa really likes having a project to do when he comes to visit so he and the kids can wear their matching project hats. It was a good thing he brought an indoor project because, as it usually does, it rained the whole time my parents were here.

Day 1 - Painting
The first, and most exciting, step was choosing the colors. We had paint leftover from the Dandelion's bed for his but the Tumbleweed wanted purple for hers, so off to the store they went. A good project always has at least one trip to the hardware store, right?

Day 2 - Assembly
Hammers, drills and nails, oh my! Grandpa says the kids need to work on hammering slower before their next project because he almost lost a finger - LOL. I guess they were just a little excited to hammer. The Tumbleweed was all prepared to use the drill by herself as well, but Grandpa helped guide her a bit :)

Day 3 - Completion
While the kids were sleeping I added a finishing touch to each of their bird feeders, and when they saw them they couldn't have been more excited to hang them up. Except it was still raining. Hard. But, while we filled them, Grandpa put up a post in the rain and we put them out anyway.

The kids are so excited to watch them. And so am I :) By the way, we spotted a robin in the yard on Thursday. Hooray for Spring!

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