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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cars® Catalog

When the Tumbleweed was little she knew all of her princesses by heart, played with them daily and took them everywhere with her. The Dandelion is the same way with his Cars®. He has a pretty good collection of them, and despite the fact that they are frequently being misplaced, he knows them all. This can pose a problem when one is missing or when someone who is unaware of the difference between the dozen Lightning McQueen cars he has. We have many other cars, including "Earmuff Sally", "King" and "Chick", but the Lightning McQueens are the most confusing - and most frequently missing.

For the record, here is a picture dictionary of the Dandelion's Lightning McQueen cars. Click for a bigger image.

You might notice there are no "regular" Lightning McQueens pictured. We have two, but they must have gone on a long road trip because I haven't seen them for a while. Bath Lightning must have gone after them, because he is missing too. We are looking hard for him but he can change colors, so it is extra challenging!

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