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Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing to her Own Tune

Sometimes the Tumbleweed doesn't seem that into her dance class... and then sometimes she does. They had the door open to class today and I was able to see first hand how she goes from paying attention and doing the steps one minute and then next minute she is so busy studying herself in the mirror that she has completely forgotten that other people are in the room. I suppose that is about right for her age, but it is a tad bit frustrating since the teacher is trying to teach them their routines for the recital.

Aside from the moments spent gazing into the mirror, she was pretty cute in the costume she chose today (they get to choose a costume from the dress-up box for the "free dance" period between ballet and tap). This is by far her favorite part. She just comes to life when she can dance however she wants.

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