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Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Window

We have had lots of winter weather this week. Since we put up our bird feeder in January, we have spent a lot of time on snowy days watching the birds out our window. The Tumbleweed is hard at work making a list of birds for Grandma, so each time we see a bird we haven't seen before it is a big deal and we have to get out the list and add to it (Grandma is making a list of the birds at her feeder in NY to compare to the Tumbleweed's list). Today I decided to try to 'capture' some of our visitors in my own way.

Several birds were easy to photograph with multiple birds taking their time at the feeder. Here are a titmouse, a chickadee, a goldfinch and a brown junco. We also had lots of house finches and black juncos.

But two birds were quite elusive - the nuthatch and the cardinal. The nuthatch spent a lot of time at the feeder but was so quick to dart around I got lots of blurry pictures. There were two pairs of cardinals in the yard, but none of them ever got very close. I don't know if they were seeing me in the window or just preferred not to dine with the other birds. Here are some lousy photos to prove that I saw them. (The nuthatch is the bird behind the goldfinch)

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Michele said...

My prediction would be that the Cardinals would be easier to catch on film if you put out a small pile of black-oil sunflower seeds or dried cranberries/raisins below your feeder.

One of the coolest tidbits about Cardinals is that the female sing. Other girls call, but only female Cardinals actually sing - and beautifully too.