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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

At the end of last winter the Tumbleweed had finally been old enough to enroll in ski school, where she did great, but she hadn't been skiing since. The Eagle has been patiently waiting to get her out skiing this year, so when the opportunity for an afternoon of skiing presented itself, off they went.

As predicted she had a great time. The Eagle took her to the learning slope as a refresher and she looked right at home. She even told the Eagle that he did not need to come up the hill with her anymore and took run after run by herself. The Eagle said he wished he had brought his skis so they could have gone up the mountain. After watching the Olympics, I don't think we should rush anything --- those skiers are crazy! And the Tumbleweed has already asked when she will be old enough to snowboard - help!

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