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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mid-snowday Progress Report

The snow has finally started falling, although not sticking to the roads just yet. With or without the snow, our snow day is underway.

We took the opportunity to get outside before the snow to get a little energy out and collect some pine cones and acorns. We also filled the bird feeder, although the birds don't seem to be noticing.

Once back inside, we had some cherry vanilla pancakes and hot chocolate for "second breakfast". While I made pancakes, the Tumbleweed worked on writing some more names on her valentines and the Dandelion collected some pillows & blankets to make a fort. The kids decided that it was a "Popple Fort" and had the popples put on a show for me before "taking naps" in the fort.

While they were playing in the fort, I was working on taking down some of our living room Christmas decorations and finally came across the Tumbleweed's Zhu-zhu pet hiding under the tree. Then I was able to bring the Dandelion's "Lobster" back to life by replacing the batteries, and we made a maze for them using board books.

The kids were having so much fun with the Zhu Zhu pets that we decided to paint houses for the Zhu Zhu pets.

And as I clean up paint for lunch, the kids are taking an UmiZoomi break.

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