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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No-Snow Day

Well, in the end it wasn't much a snow storm. We were home all day and the total snow we had when the sun set was about 2 inches. A little more fell after dark, but came nowhere close to the predicted 12 inches.

Despite the lack of snow, we had fun at home for the day. I found it much easier to tackle a day cooped up in the house with a list. I certainly didn't accomplish all of the things on the list, but my intent of the list was to always have something we could do next so if we completed everything on it then it wouldn't have served its purpose.

After a messy morning, I got the paint cleared off the kitchen table for lunch and it didn't stay clean for long because for dessert we made cut-out cookies. The Dandelion doesn't usually help with cooking, but today he seemed eager to play with the "play cookie dough." I don't think he really understood that it was different from Play-Doh :)

After the Dandelion went down for his nap, the Tumbleweed and I were going to hang out and watch a movie, however she had her heart set on Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure and it was nowhere to be found. Instead she hung out watching a little TV while I did a ton of dishes from a messy morning in the kitchen - now I remember why pancakes & cookies are not part of my usual routine!

Naptime seemed to fly by, but looking back we got a lot done. The Tumbleweed finished writing the labels for her valentines (although they are not actually done yet), we spent a little while watching the birds at the birdfeeder fighting the wind (spotting Juncos, Nuthatch and Titmouse), I convinced her to help me pick up the family room so we could make an obstacle course (since the Dandelion was disappointed that he missed gymnastics today) and while we waited for him to wake up we played Sorry! while watching an episode of Bewitched. She was fascinated by Tabitha :)

When the Dandelion woke up, the Tumbleweed begged to go outside to play in the snow. With the impending sunset, we hurried outside for a few quick sledding runs and a little driveway shoveling. Then it was time for me to make dinner while the kids ran through the obstacle course and danced to Hannah Montana. There was also quite a bit of excitement that the Zhu-Zhu pet houses were dry and ready to be played with (although the bummer of so much Zhu-Zhu play was that the Tumbleweed taught the Dandelion that it is a "hamster" not a "lobster").

The Dandelion concluded the evening by taking turns with his popple "checking out hearts".

After baths, stories and dishes, I didn't really fell like doing much more than putting up my feet so the laundry is not finished, the Christmas decorations are still up and my car is in its usual condition. But we did have fun today and that's what really matters :)

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