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Friday, February 19, 2010

I Was Wrong.

After spending most of my life believing that warranties were basically useless because the product usually fails after the warranty ends, I am happy to say, "I was wrong." In the past 3 weeks we have saved a lot of money because of product warranties.

Tigger's Bounce-mobile
We were less than 2,000 miles under my car warranty when one of the shocks on my car went, making a short drive into a wild roller coaster ride. Phew, just under the wire. Of course, I still needed new tires and re-alignment, but at least we got something out of the warranty, right? All repaired, my car is much better. Although it is still bouncing like crazy on the horrible frost heaves and holes that make up our road, but that's a different story.

The Return of Lake Graffeo
Every spring we get a little water on one side of our basement. It is usually pretty predicable. Except when it happens in February and leaks from the hot water heater. Yup. Time for a new hot water heater. Again. We got a new one in 2007. The first was completely under warranty from the previous owners. We expected the same thing with this one, only to discover that replacing a replacement is not the same. After several phone calls to Sears, the Eagle was able to get them to take care of us and we are back up and running with a replacement hot water heater (with a warranty). And the Eagle is going to install a water filter to help the new one last longer.

I am hoping we don't need to rely on any other warranties anytime soon!

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