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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Animal

Birthday parties are big in the preschool world these days. This year the Tumbleweed got to attend her first drop-off party and several parties where her brother stayed home, but most of the parties are fun social activities for myself and the Dandelion too. The Dandelion usually has at least one or two kids his age to "play with" and I get to socialize with the other parents and, in the case of parties with her school friends, meet the other parents.

It has been very neat to see the ways other families celebrate birthdays - from choosing an activity their child loves, creating a theme that fits their child's personality or playing traditional party games from their childhood, sometimes with a twist. From painting pottery to bowling, a police station tour to an animal encounter, the Tumbleweed has gotten to try some cool things this year. The kids get to experience all kinds of different things that they otherwise might not do - which can be difficult, but she has really taken it in stride!

Holding a big snake

Hugging an alligator

But if you ask her, the Tumbleweed has mostly enjoyed seeing her friends and helping pick out the "perfect gift" and watching the child open it.

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Cristin said...

I can't imagine having a huge snake like that in my house.