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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lesson #1: Balance

We finally had some nice weather and were able to get outside to play. The kids really wanted to ride bikes in the driveway, so we got out the helmets. The Tumbleweed's bike helmet didn't fit anymore, so until we get her a new one, she has to wear her ski helmet. The kids were so happy to be outside!

It didn't take long before the Eagle got the Tumbleweed excited about learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Before I knew it, he had the training wheels and pedals off and had lowered the seat all the way. The first lesson - balance. She spent the remaining time doing a very controlled "Step, Step, Glide" down the driveway hill.

Two days later, she and I were back outside during the Dandelion's nap. She continued practicing down the hill, getting a little bit braver. Of course I put my own touch on the lesson with her practicing straddles while sitting on the bike.

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