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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Markers & Popples may seem like recurring themes, but that is what the Dandelion is into right now (the Tumbleweed is too, but to a lesser extent). For over a month now, the Dandelion has played with his Popple daily and nearly every day he asks me to print out a new "Popple Paper". I think I have printed the same coloring page out over 20 times! He only likes to color it with markers, so often this leads to a little trouble as the markers leave the table. But cleaning up marker and timeouts aside, he really enjoys coloring his Popple papers.

When the Dandelion isn't coloring, Popple rides around in the stroller, cuddles on the couch, gets "diaper changes" and sleeps in his Popple bed. It basically serves the function of a doll. It is the closest thing to a "lovey" that either of my kids have had, although thankfully it doesn't quite have to go everywhere with us.

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