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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pixie Hollow

We kicked-off the Tumbleweed's 5th birthday celebration with a Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Party for her and her friends. The nine little girls made fairy wands and rainbow bouncy balls - with some help from the grown-ups :). We had a treasure hunt for 'the Lost Treasure of Springtime that Vidia had stolen from Pixie Hollow'. After zig-zagging the house, the girls found the treasure (magic prisms that make rainbows in the sunlight bringing the colors of spring to Massachusetts). They were so cute!

Then we had the usual cake & ice cream, and of course presents. I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the party, of the Tumbleweed reading her friend's card. The Tumbleweed was so careful to look at all of the beautifully decorated cards :) And after a few dress-up parades, the party was over and the house was again quiet.

I think it was a success. The Tumbleweed has not once mentioned that she wished we had the party at Chuck E Cheese (which is where she wanted it to be), rather she has already decided that she wants to have a Barbie Thumbelina party at home next year... but that will probably change :)

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