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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 100th Day of School

Today was the Tumbleweed's much anticipated 100th Day of School. We have been talking about the 100th day of school for several weeks now, since her school reached the milestone well after the public schools (she started 3 weeks later). This is the first year that she has gone to school every day and actually hit the 100th day mark, so she was pretty excited.

To celebrate, the Tumbleweed spent the morning working on a new 100 piece puzzle. We had signed up for snack today, so I spent the morning cutting up fruit - 50 slices of oranges and 50 strawberry halves, for a total of 100 fruit slices. The Tumbleweed also arrived at school with her 100 Box Tops for the 100th day - and picked out a "diamond ring" from the prize box - and a book to read to the class, "The 100th Day of Strawberryland School". She was so excited!

When I picked her up, I think she was grinning even bigger than she had been when I dropped her off. She was so proud that she got to read her story to the class - "I didn't need any help!" Plus she said that her snack was a big hit - "There wasn't even a little bit left!" It was the most animated I have seen her after a day of school all year.

Now we have 2 days off for teacher conferences. Tomorrow, I head to school to get the scoop from the teachers - wish me luck!

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