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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slugfest 09

Calling all slugs --- there is a big party in our backyard! I even left some beer out there for you [be careful, it might be a trap].

There are slugs & wormy things of all shapes & sizes taking over my garden. We must have the best plants in the neighborhood because every time I go out there are more slugs. This morning it was only sprinkling lightly, so I went out to check on things and found the slugs munching on my strawberries (again). I collected about 15 more slugs. Uggg slugs.

So anyway, we have picked 5 edible strawberries from our garden. The slugs have eaten 4. There are still more growing --- hopefully we get a few dry days soon. The ones that we have harvested have been pretty good sized & quite delicious.

In other garden news... the weeds have officially taken over the wildflower garden, some of my "infested" plants seem to be rebounding but none are blooming yet, and I haven't seen a lily beetle in a long time.

Did I mention that we had a hummingbird last weekend? They seem to love the columbine, that's where we saw one last year too.

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