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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gym Show #3

Today was the Dandilion's day. After watching all of the Tumbleweed's activities, he finally got to be the star. Although there was a bit of chasing & wrangling involved, I consider his Nursery Gym show a success. He did at least one turn on every station, he didn't have a complete meltdown (there were a few small ones), and he stood on the line before & after.

Standing still during the introduction (total shocker! I couldn't believe I was able to get far enough away to take a picture!)

Swinging on the Rings:

He added pommels & parallel bars to his show...


"One, Two, Three, Bow"


In the car on the way home, he kept saying to the Tumbleweed, "My Medal". He likes wearing it too --- a few times he has called it a "nek-wiss" (necklace).

Another "Proud Mommy" day.

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