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Friday, June 19, 2009

Graduation Day

The grand finale to our crazy busy week was the Tumbleweed's preschool "graduation". This year was her first full year of preschool (last year she started in January when she was old enough). As I collected her extra clothes (in case of accidents or spills), I noticed how much smaller they were. She has really grown & changed since she started in the fall.

Unfortunately, the rain this morning meant that the graduation ceremony was in the classroom. It was quite crowded and a little more difficult to see & photograph than last year when they had it outside. The kids did a great job with their songs & poem lines (the Tumbleweed's line was "My teachers were Miss Kate and Miss Bonnie"). They had all been practicing for a while, and everything went very smoothly. Afterward the teachers gave them each a portfolio of their work from the year and a handprint pillowcase with handprints from the whole class. They had obviously put a lot of time & effort into making the day quite special.

Her preschool program was a good match for her activity level, as there was a lot of time to run & play built into their day. As expected, she enjoyed playing with anyone who would play "Chase Me". I was also impressed with how much academics she soaked up... from the order of the colors in the rainbow to the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet to counting past 100, she really seems to retain information well. I can only hope that her love for learning continues. We are so proud of her!

She is very much looking forward to her "new school" but has already said several times that she is going to miss her teachers, friends and everything about school. It is hard for me to believe that she is moving on, we have become so used to our "school routine".

Hmmm... what ever will we do next week?

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