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Friday, June 5, 2009

Donuts & Dancing

As the school year comes to a close, the next few weeks are jam packed with end of the year activities. Today kicked off the festivities at preschool...

This morning the Eagle took the Tumbleweed to school for "Donuts with Dad" day ... and early celebration of Father's Day on "Donut Day". It was very cute. The kids had made lots of little presents for the dads. The Tumbleweed was particularly excited that her Daddy was able to come to school with her, as she knows that he usually has to work while she is in school.

The day ended with her "Preschool Prom", which was a prom-themed "Parents' Night Out". Now, we didn't really have the night off because the Dandilion was not old enough to attend, but we thought it would be sad if the Tumbleweed missed the special event. They took "prom photos" when the kids arrived - and gave them to us when we picked the kids up. There was lots of food, quite a bit of dancing (to Hannah Montana) and even cake at the end. The Tumbleweed came home with a prize for winning the limbo contest... Me: "How do you win the Limbo Contest, honey?" Her: "You see how low you can go, and don't use your hands!" Then she fell asleep - as the event had us out an hour past her bedtime.

It was a cute day... and I am sure there are more to come in the next two weeks.

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