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Friday, June 12, 2009

Quotable Kids

A few notable quotes from the past few days...

The Tumbleweed:
~ "Mommy, I am so exasperated!" [In the car on the way home from school when I had told her that she could not have snacks before lunch. Yet another Pinky Dinky Doo word]

~ "My brother will be 2 this month. On June 24th" [Talking to Miss Jen, the gymnastics teacher and two days later to Miss Patti, the dance teacher. She had not been told recently what his birthday was, so the fact that she remembered shocked me.]

~ "Mommy, don't go this way! They moved dance, remember?" [Driving past the Millbury Post Office approaching the traffic light. I had mentioned to her a few weeks back that her new dance class would be in a the new location - couldn't believe that she remembered where the old one was and that we were about to pass it]

The Dandilion:
~ "I awk in cuddle, pweees?" ["I walk in puddle, please" - he really wanted to step in the puddle, so I let him. He barely splashed :)]

~ "Ahhhh. Wook Ow! (covers eyes) I ca wook." ["Ahhh. Look out! I can't look." So funny. We were sitting in a parked car. Don't know where he learned it, but he has been saying it all day since then.]

~ "Aht hows bootifuh" ["That house is beautiful" he was copying what the Tumbleweed had just said about a house we drove past, but his attempt at "beautiful" impressed me. And then he said it a bunch more times while pointing out the window.]

~ "Book. Papair. sickars." [Pointing at the things in the scrapbook store. He sure knows his way around!]

...that's all I can think of right now. Kids sure do say the darndest things!

Also worth noting, the Dandilion has made a lot of progress in the "hand holding" department. He seems to understand now that if he wants to be allowed to walk he has to hold my hand. We have successfully walked in & out of stores holding hands and today he went to get the mail with me and never once tried to get me to let go. He does have his moments, but he has made great strides recently. Phew.

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