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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little competitive?

The Tumbleweed has been really getting into soccer this spring. She is MUCH improved since she first played in the fall. Our U6 "Maroon Team" this season has been a good mix of older kids (5 going on 6) and younger kids (3.5-4) and everything in between. The Tumbleweed has really been able to see how the older boys play, and has become much more aggressive after practicing with them.

At this weekend's game, she was quite evenly matched with a girl on the other team --- who also happened to have the same name (until now, we've never met another kid her age with her name). Talk about confusing, when you are in a league where the coaches are on the field giving directions having both coaches yelling the same name and giving the opposite directions is a bit confusing! At the beginning of the game, the Tumbleweed even turned to look at the other girl's mom on the sidelines to try to figure out why someone she didn't know was saying her name. Fortunately both girls adjusted and there were no major "wrong way" incidents - at least not involving them...

As is evident in these photos, the Tumbleweed has inherited her parents' competitive genes and takes the game very seriously.

By U6 standards, this was a very good match-up and actually more physical than most. It has been great to watch her improve this season. She really seems to love soccer, and especially scoring goals :)

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