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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marathon Day: Gym Show #2, Soccer Finale & more

Today was the first of this week's crazy days. Things started out somewhat slow...we had a recipe swap playgroup in the morning, lunch at home and the Dandilion took his nap. While he napped I took care of finishing the gift for the Tumbleweed's gymnastics instructor.

At 1:30, the plan went into action...

First up was our first CSA pickup... we got a bright, colorful basketful, with a pint of strawberries, a head of lettuce, a handful of snap peas & a bunch of Easter Egg radish. Yummmm.

Then it was off to try to get seats for the Tumbleweed's gymnastics show. Since her class was in the afternoon, the gym was quite crowded and despite our early arrival, we still didn't get great seats. I can't say if there really was a "good seat" because it seemed like there was always some equipment, other kids or parents blocking me from getting a good picture. But, even though I don't have a lot of great pictures to prove it, the Tumbleweed put on a great show!

She particularly enjoyed watching the team girls who demonstrated during the show. Afterward she said, "I want to be 10. Because then I can do my routines all by myself" (Several of the girls were announced as being 10). Needless to say, she is very excited about starting Level 1 this summer.

We had about 1 hour from the end of the gym show until the start of the Tumbleweed's final "Maroon Team" soccer game. After grabbing some Sammies at Quizno's (one of the more popular fast food choices in our family), we headed to the soccer field.

The Tumbleweed played a great game! And my concern that she would be too tired to play was unfounded as she seemed faster than ever! She had two goals, bringing her season total to 6. I think she was almost a little sad to get her medal after the game because it meant the season was over. She has already asked when it starts again - I guess we better plan to sign her up again :)

It was a long & crazy day, but a good day :)

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