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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My New Toy & Garden Update

In an attempt to be able to manage the yardwork while the Eagle travels for his new job, we decided to put some reward points towards a reel mower. This way, I can take care of the front lawn (the part people see) while he is away and I don't have to use the gas mower.

It arrived yesterday, so this morning he assembled it and gave it a tour of the front yard.

It was nice to be able to have the kids outside while we were mowing - and you could even talk while pushing! It was a little tough to push at times, at little hills or under bushes, but overall very doable for me.

In the back yard, I checked in on the garden and must say, I am a bit frustrated. Several of my plants have yellowing or holey leaves and the flower buds are looking a bit deformed. I am exploring several theories... 1- Hail Damage, 2- Bugs, 3- Virus. I can't decide. It seems as though the flowers at one end of the garden are worse than others. I am still hopeful that I can find a solution and they will bloom, although it already looks like some will not :(

Also disappointing is that my wildflower garden is not seeming to grow. Maybe I will try prepping the soil again and re-seeding.

On the plus side - I have been policing the Lily Beetles, and snagged some more larvae from the leaves. I haven't seen an actual beetle in about 2 weeks. Here is what the larvae looks like on the leaves.

My strawberry & tomato plants still look promising, and the blueberry bush I planted is 50/50. I also have a beautiful purple & white lupine blooming, some pretty columbine flowers & one surviving foxglove... Hopefully these will bring the hummingbirds back this year!


AmyR0618 said...

Letter to the Editor...OK, when you said "new toy", I thought this was going to be a post about the blackberry!!!
I'm disappointed :-) LOL

Kristin said...

hehe... I suppose there should be one on that too...