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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ringing off the hook

I don't recall the last time our phone rang so many times in one day. Who were they all calling for... a little guy who turned two today and doesn't really know how to talk on the phone. He did his best with "Hi"s and "Bye"s, and was thrilled to be handed the phone so many times - including once during a diaper change, once while he was covered in frosting eating a cupcake and once while he was getting his bedtime story read to him.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

The Dandilion at 2...

- likes to sing "ADCDs" but doesn't quite have all the letters
- only eats dinner when he feels like it, but always needs a fork
- climbs ladders, and everything else
- counts to 13 - and then repeats "fur-teen" over & over
- loves "Wow, Wow, Wubbsy", "Backyardigans" and "Go Deigo Go"
- knows triangle, square, circle, star - but not colors
- can jump - finally - but doesn't jump off the side of the pool
- still loves to wear other people's shoes
- always wants to go somewhere, "Shoos on. Red-ee to go, mom-ee!"
- likes to say "go potty", but is totally clueless about what he would do with one.
- love blueberries, but won't eat a strawberry
- "sings" with the Backyardigans CD in the car, but usually only gets the last word of each line
- throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his way
- says "Cheese" for the camera, anyone's camera & unprompted
- doesn't mind having water dumped on his head and always wants to take a bath
- size 24 months/2T, but the pants/shorts are a little too big
- shoe size 6/6.5, but has been wearing the Tumbleweed's old size 7.5 sneakers for months

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